Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Edward and Tanya Sitting in a Tree...

Question, questions, and more questions! I love them; bring 'em on. This one's from Novel Novice (who, by the way, upgraded their blog to an actual SITE. Yay! *round of applause) for Team Edward Day:

Do you think that Edward and Tanya ever had a relationship? Maybe one that he is hiding from Bella? How do you this will affect Edward and Bella’a relationship in Breaking Dawn?

Ooooh...ouch. *glances over shoulder to make sure Bella isn't in the vicinity* I don't think Edward and Tanya ever had an actual relationship. I do, however, think Tanya was expressing a little more interest than Edward made it out to be. He had a weird response when Bella asked him, and if all that happened was that Tanya winked at him and he politely said, "Get the heck away from me, you scum-bag!" then why would he have such a reaction and blow it out of proportion? I know Edward means well (of course he does!) but there have been several occasions when he's lied to Bella, convincing her that whatever is happening is much smaller than it is in reality. Take what Alice saw that day at the lunch table in Eclipse, for instance. Edward told Bella she was merely worrying about Jasper. Bella's instincts had been right - it was something much bigger than that. But Edward convinced her that it was her imagination running wild. I'm wondering if the same thing is going on with the story of strawberry-blonde Tanya. Upon seeing Edward go more frozen than an iceburg in answer to a little question about female vampires showing interest in him, Bella automatically assumed the worst. Edward was able to assure her that it was nothing, but I think Bella's intuition might be correct again. I REFUSE to believe that there was any sort of true relationship between Edward and Tanya, but I think that Tanya possibly likes Edward a bit too much. I don't think this is going to affect Bella and Edward's relationship in Breaking Dawn, and it definitely won't ruin it. Unless, of course, Tanya waltzes up to Edward with a seductive swing in her hips and whispers something containing the words 'love' or 'relationship' or 'good old days' or 'come over to my house' or 'dump the human girl, already'. Then perhaps that would pose a slight problem...

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