Monday, July 21, 2008

Could IMDb be Lying to Us?!

Go here and see if that doesn't get your spirits flying sky-high.
A New Moon movie for 2010? Could it be true? Of course, this has not been confirmed and could be some sort of fake (wouldn't that be be depressing? Who would be so cruel as to do that anyway? Is it even possible to make a fake on that site?) and you are required to have something called IMDbPro to view the details. No thanks. I just remember the rumors about New Moon not too long ago and something about Christmas 2009. Did that mean they were going to begin filming at that time, or that it was meant to come out at that time? Either way, I'm certain that they're planning a film for Twilight's controversial sequel. Whether Summit is going to go through with it is up to the first film and if it does as well as they hope. I hope it does as well as they hope.

Thanks for this news!

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