Thursday, July 24, 2008

Comic Con: And You Thought the News Was Over...

Well, guess again! It had to be less than two seconds after I hit 'publish' on my other news-filled post before MORE news came a knocking. Presto:

/Film has information on the Twilight movie preview here.
NY Times talks about the experience at Comic Con, including Twilight, right here.
AM New York got to interview some fans who were so eager for a good seat at Comic Con that they camped out overnight. See it all right here.
Shock Till You Drop as some great images of Twilight at Comic Con like the one above here. You'll have to shuffle through some other photos for the Twilight ones.

Aeeeeiii! I'm going to explode. And I'm afraid to even take a break and take a step outside because the news is just going to pile up so high that I'll drown in it. But it is Twilight news, after all, and it's oh so worth it!

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