Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Chat with Mike/Mike

The Twilight Lexicon got yet another wonderful interview, this time with Michael Welch, the cute and funny kid who will play Mike Newton in the Twilight movie. Based on this chat, we know a few things about Mike for certain:
1. He'd make a great politician.
2. He likes puppies.
3. He doesn't eat his vegetables. Tsk, tsk!
4. He still has hope that he will one day be with Bella Swan.
5. He loves us as much as we love him. Awww.
We also got some brief glimpses of Justin Chon (Eric Yorkie) and Gregory Tyree Boyce (Tyler Crowley)! Both of them are hilarious. Who needs vampires? I'd rather hang with the humans! Okay...just kidding, I prefer the vampires, but if they ever decided to boot me from their coven, I'm kicking it with the humans.

Credit: Twilight Lexicon

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