Monday, July 7, 2008

Breaking Dawn: Questions, Questions, More Questions

Upon reading an article from, I came across these questions:
Do you think Bella will go through with marrying Edward?

What will become of Jacob Black, her werewolf best-friend?

About this whole becoming a vampire thing. Do you think she’ll go through with it?

And lastly, what will pose the biggest threat to Bella in “Breaking Dawn”? The Vultori? A new enemy we haven’t met yet? Herself?
They want help jump-starting a big old discussion in anticipation for the release of Breaking Dawn - can you believe it's only 26 days away?!
As you can imagine, right about now I'm rubbing my hands together and warming up my fingers to start typing my own opinions to these enticing queries. If you have your own ideas, the people of Mankato Free Press would like you to email them. Their article asking all us Twilight fanatics for assistance is right here.
But on to what I think...not that what I think is important, even to me. (:
Question Un: Yes, I think Bella will definitely go through with marrying Edward. I think that's the least of her problems and she wants to make Edward happy. Sure Bella's a scaredy cat, but I think becoming Edward's wife (gah, lucky girl) is one of the few things she won't back out of.
Question Deux: What will become of the dog - er, I mean Jacob Black? He ran away at the end of Eclipse, but I think something will force him to come back to protect Bella from yet another danger. He could potentially somehow try to stop Bella from becoming a vampire, too, which brings us to the next question.
Question Trois: Ah, the whole vampire thing. Bella might go through with it, but I'm not confident enough to say that she will. I have a feeling that it will at least be postponed somehow. And if she does end up becoming a vampire, it might be because it's necessary and against her will. I think there's a possibility of Bella being attacked and hanging on the edge of death's clutches, forcing someone to bite her. Hopefully that someone is Edward, but you never know.
Question Quatre: I like that last option - herself. Bella always seems to be one of her greatest threats and I don't think that will change in this final book. There always has to be another peril, though, and I think it will be the Volturi. Maybe someone new will jump on the bandwagon, too, eager for one reaosn or another to steal Bella's life. After that letter from the editor revealing that there are new characters, most likely one of them is a bad guy (or girl).
Fantastic questions! Keep them coming, people, I love making predictions.
P.S. If you're wondering the reason for my random use of French, all I can say is that French is a cool language and I'm currently taking it in school. Isn't that reason enough?

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