Monday, July 14, 2008

Barnes and Noble Tagged!: Breaking Dawn is Breaking Records

Barnes and Noble (my favorite bookstore!) has launched their latest episode of Tagged! and it features the epidemic that is Stephenie Meyer and her record-shattering Twilight Saga. I actually didn't know just how many copies of the books have been sold, but it's astounding and at the same time not surprising at all. Dawn isn't the only thing that's going to break in the fourth and final book's release... Ugh, okay, disregard my pathetic excuse for a pun. I'm beginning to sound like this lady. No offense to her, but she either had a bit too much coffee that morning, or...I can't really think of another excuse. I mean, rabid fans? Is there some sort of secret meaning in there that we don't yet that vampires have rabies?! And to think I was about to chant, "Bite Bella, bite Bella, bite Bella!" No! Run, Bella, run! You haven't gotten your rabies shot! *Bella attempts to run but trips over a lady bug on the sidewalk and does a face plant* I should have known that was hopeless. This must have been Edward's plot all along...

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