Sunday, July 20, 2008

Baseball...Cullen Style

Oh my Edwardness, I'm in love with this picture! ♥
Emmett looks like he's staring at Rosalie's behind.
Rosalie looks like she's attempting to break it down like a gangsta.
Carlisle looks like he's demanding in his mind how much longer he has to squat like that.
Alice is just like, "Uh, how's this position? Baseball-y enough?"
Jasper looks like he's posing as a swimsuit model...without the swimsuit and in the middle of a field on a cloudy day.
YOU CAN'T SEE EDWARD'S FACE. ;( *sigh* But I'm sure it's bea-u-tiful.

Credit: Not exactly sure. I saw it on and immediately had to share it's amazingness with my pathetic number of visitors. (I love you guys, by the way, whoever you are!)

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