Friday, July 18, 2008

8th Breaking Dawn Quote of the Day

Squawk? Someone's going a little coo-coo...

Bella: “Why am I covered in feathers?”

Edward: “Don't you remember, Bella? We went to the zoo this morning. You tripped over a penny lying on the sidewalk and knocked a hotdog stand into the duck exhibit, shattering the glass and squirting mustard all over yourself in the process. And, as you know, ducks absolutely love mustard, so all sixty-seven of them come flying at you from the broken exhibit, flapping and quacking. Their feathers got all over you, and because you were coated in mustard they stuck to you like macaroni on glue. The zookeeper there at the time thought you were a mutant bird monster because you were sort of spazzing out, and she called security. They kicked us out. But that one man was nice...he gave us some bird seed for the road. Anyway, I couldn't possibly let you ride in my shiny Volvo with you all sticky, yellow, and covered in disease-ridden feathers, so we had to walk home. You eventually got so tired of walking that you collapsed and passed out, so I had to carry your unconscious body back to your house. That's why my nice wool jacket now has mustard splotches, thanks for that. Seriously, Isabella Swan, I can't take you anywhere...

Credit: Stephenie Meyer

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