Saturday, July 26, 2008

16th Breaking Dawn Quote of the Day

Beautiful but dangerous.

Rosalie: “I’d like to beat you dead.”

Well, that's no surprise. You always want to beat someone dead. First it was Royce. Then it was Carlisle. Next it was Edward. After that, it was Bella. Then after he went to that bachelor party, it was Emmett. I bet you'd also like to beat down any of the werewolves, and be my guest if you happen to choose Jacob. Jane could use a beating. So could her other Italian minions. How about Tanya? Mike Newton? Jessica Stanely? The mail man?
On a more serious note, I would like to point out how the 'I'd' is stressed - as if someone is acknowledging that someone else would like to beat them dead, then good old Rosalie plays hoodlum and steps in to voice her own opinion on the matter. As if it was necessary.

Credit: Stephenie Meyer

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