Thursday, July 24, 2008

14th Breaking Dawn Quote of the Day

A little break from the Comic Con lollapalooza never did any harm, right? What's better is it's a quote from our favorite vampire.

Edward: “You look so guilty—like you’ve committed a crime.”

My brain is a little worn out, so I'm not going to be able to contemplate this quote like I usually do. But I think he might be talking to Bella. He always mocks her with little accusations such as this. It could very well be Alice, too. Maybe while Bella was being made over for the wedding, she suffocated from all the hair spray. Alice didn't want Edward to find out, so she sang the ABC's over and over in her head to prevent Edward from reading her thoughts. But she couldn't wipe that guilty expression from her face. OR it could have happened the other way around. Bella was fed up with Alice spritzing chemicals in her hair and dabbing her face with cakey makeup, so she shoved Alice out the second floor window. As she was falling, Alice's shirt got caught on the branch of a tree. Well, she can't go overboard from up there, now can she?

Credit: Stephenie Meyer

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