Wednesday, July 23, 2008

13th Breaking Dawn Quote of the Day

Rosalie is in da house.

Rosalie: “Over my pile of ashes.”

Well, Emmett, looks like you won't be going to that strip club any time soon. (Dagnabbit!) When I first read this quote I was staring at my computer like a moron with a 'saywhat?' expression stamped on my face. But after the gears in my brain started functioning (I'm being brainwashed by reality television, I swear) I finally got it. Since Rosalie is a vampire, it would be erroneous to say 'over my dead body' because, guess what? Vampires are already dead! So what's more dead than a vampire? A pile of ashes apparently. Oh, Rosalie, you silly goose. That was a knee-slapper. I can picture her saying this to Edward. Actually I can picture her saything this to any of the Cullen boys. Alice, too. Maybe Bella - or about Bella (or even defending Bella?) Carlisle? Perhaps a bad guy, even? Most likely a robber trying to filch their brand new flat screen TV.

Credit: Stephenie Meyer

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