Sunday, July 20, 2008

10th Breaking Dawn Quote of the Day

Uh-oh spaghetti-o...

Edward: “Oops.”

Well this is just great. Oops? That's all Edward says, is 'oops'? That's not fair, Stephenie Meyer! Do you know how very many things in this universe could cause Edward to declare something like this? I'll give you a little idea...
Edward spilled Bella's orange juice.
Edward tripped Mike in the hallway and caused him chronic brain damage.
Edward wasn't paying attention to his built-in radar detector as he was barreling down the road like Speed Racer and noticed the flashing police car in his rear-view mirror.
Edward couldn't catch Bella in time when she tripped on a loose nail in the floorboards of the aisle at the wedding and she and poor Charlie tumbled to the ground.
Edward slipped and told Bella how annoying she is sometimes.
Edward was lost in thought when he accidentally ate an apple slice.
Edward slammed is locker so hard that the entire door fell off it's hinges.
Edward backed his shiny Volvo into Jessica.
Edward left his Spongebob tie in Bella's room...on her bed.
Edward bet against Alice.
Edward was so drunk at the bachelor party that he revealed to everyone present that he was a vampire, and upon realizing what he had done, he masacred all of the innocent partying folks and disposed of them in a dumpster, but then Bella found out.
You see what I mean?!

Credit: Stephenie Meyer

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Aisha said...

Lol, lovely! That made me laugh:)

Twilighter said...

Hehe, thanks. ;D