Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Winner is Robert Pattinson!

tMF (the Movie Fanatic) took a pole of who is the hottest young actor.
Daniel Radcliffe (ew, Harry Potter),
Channing Tatum (don't know who that is),
Daniel Bruehl (don't know him either),
Gaspard Ulliel (might have been chosen to portray way!),
Robert Pattinson?
According to tMF: Twilight's Robert Pattinson, apparently one of the most charming and talented young actors today, also has one of the most ardent and resourceful group of fans who are obviously ready to take on the world. With a total of 3,876 votes, he virtually took over the recent tMF poll.
CONGRATULATIONS ROBERT! I knew he would win all could he not? And even if he had not won, he would always be the hottest, most charming actor to me. He may not be as famous as Radcliffe, but in everything he's preformed in thus far, including Harry Potter, the Haunted Airman, and other British films, he's always extraordinary. Twilight will be included, I'm sure of it.
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