Saturday, June 21, 2008

Why I Love a Fictional Character wanted users to leave 'reasons why you love Edward' alongside their birthday banner for Edward Cullen. Upon reading all of the heart-wrenching comments expressing admiration for him, I absolutely had to tell the world my own feelings (no surprise there). So here we go...
There are many reasons why I love Edward Cullen. Seriously, love him. If he were real (sigh...that truth is always so depressing) I would marry him.
Moving on.
The way he always treats Bella as if she were the most precious, breakable gem in the world is one reason. Every time he gives her a compliment, it isn't just something like "Oh, you're pretty." No. It's always so deep and sincere. Example: "That color blue looks lovely with your skin." Geeze, why can't every boy be like that?!
Then, it's his impossible selflessness, protectiveness, concern, generosity, tenderness, perceptiveness, and the list could go on for pages. But I'll spare everyone the rambling.
The way he sees himself as such a horrible person is yet another, and kind of odd, reason he appeals to me. It's like everyone but him sees him as great. He's always questioning Bella, making sure that he's what she wants. It's so sweet, and just more evidence of his self-sacrifice. It also shows you how in reality he isn't perfect, and yet he is because he tries so hard and loves Bella so much.
Lastly, of course, he's downright, drop-dead, impossibly, impeccably, breathtakingly, wonderfully, amazingly gorgeous. Yes, I suppose that's a plus, huh?

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