Sunday, June 15, 2008

Who Will Own, Wands or Fangs?

It seems to be the big question of the year: who will win the hearts of fans, Twilight or Harry Potter? With the two series being huge money-makers and the fact that the movies are hitting theaters just two weeks apart, it's a tough call...for some people. I would be one of those people who knows which movie will make my heart swell before I even see them. And, of course, with such a dramatic question right before my nose, I have to voice my opinion.
I never liked the Harry Potter books. I read the first one out of curiosity. Everyone was talking about it. Yawn. My brother convinced me that the story got better, so I moved onto the second one. Snore. I read the third. Blah. I made it halfway through the fourth book and threw it on the floor in surrender. Ugh. The writing was poor; the characters didn't feel as developed or deep. Upon reading Twilight and its sequels, I was in love. Twilight has Harry Potter's charming qualities (the few it has), all of it's lacking components, and more. Face it, in an epic battle between vampires and wizards, Twilight ranks supreme.
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