Saturday, June 28, 2008

Twilight Theme Song

From Twilight Guy's site: Everyone knows the importance of the final song in a film, the one that plays during the credits. The purpose of this is to bring the film to a closing with a song that seems to represent the movie you just watched. As songs have been such an important part of each chapter post, I have decided to take a vote for what the final song for Twilight should be, in the opinion of all the Twilighters around the world! if I were to choose a single song that I think sums up the story of Twilight, it would have to be...
Well, okay. Call me lame, but I couldn't choose just one. So here are three:
-Drive by Incubus
-Smooth by Santana
-Stay With You by The Goo Goo Dolls
Why, you ask? I'll explain each one.
Drive - It talks about being in control of your own life - not letting things like fear and uncertainty blind you - and being ready for whatever comes around the corner. I think this describes Bella's journey throughout Twilight quite well because she has a sudden vampire crush and there are all these opposing emotions for him banging inside her.
Smooth - This one's a little less deep. The song is about how much the singer is affected by this one person. But the way it's said reminds me of Bella and Edward's relationship and how they aren't your average high school couple. 'Like seven inches from the midday sun', 'the step in my groove', 'just like the ocean under the moon'...very powerful.
Stay With You - The singer tells how they want to love this person - or 'run forever' and 'stay with you' - because they take away the loneliness and bring light to their once hollow life. This is exactly how Edward feels about Bella. He was lonely and searching for something, lost in darkness, and then he found her.

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Anonymous said...

Here's a sample of a song/with skit I wrote and recorded that was inspired by the movie. Feel free to post it or pass it on.

It's a special Christmas edition of a song inspired by the movie. It starts out with an little introductory skit:

Twilight Time
words and music by Dr BLT copyright 2008