Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Twilight Movie: 'How Faithful will the Movie be to the Book?'

Director of Twilight the Movie, Catherine Hardwicke, along with the actors, producers, and Stephenie Meyer, talk about the changes from the book that will be made in the movie.
1. The Cullen Crest. Merchandising technique, evidently. What does it mean? Nobody seems to know. But I kind of like the idea of it, I guess it gives the Cullens some significance in a subtle way.
2. Edward's Lines. "Yeah, I had an adrenaline rush. They're very common, you can Google it." "Watch where you walk. Sometimes it helps." I have mixed reactions about these. First off, I think they're refreshingly funny. They show a comical side to Edward. But does Edward really have that comical side? I mean, 'Google it'? Would he really say that? At the same time, that's the irony of it, and Edward does like to tease Bella.
3. Adding of Scenes. The greenhouse scene, where they're on a field trip - I like it. It's not completely off the wall, it sounds like a scene that could really happen in the book. I think it's a nice little touch and it gives it a faster pace.
Yeah, so this was pretty much an awesome Twilight Tuesday. We really get to see what we can anticipate for the movie. Changes are necessary, I'm all for change. Little tweaks of the lines and scenes aren't bad either. And don't forget that Stephenie Meyer knows everything that's happening, and she loves it! So I'm going to love it too. The Twilight movie is going to be absolutely great, one way or another. Only six and a half months to go!
Oh, and Robert/Edward's accent is beautiful!

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