Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Robert Pattinson's Astrological Sign

Robert Pattinson was born on May 13, 1986, which means his Zodiac sign is Taurus (same as mine!) I thought it would be pretty cool to dig up what traits and characteristics make up a Taurus.
Good: disciplined, traditional, hardworking, good sense of humor, artistic, loving, musical, romantic, strong, steadfast, organized, trustworthy, calm, stable, patient, easygoing, honest, practical, cautious, tenacious.
Bad (uh oh): stubborn and opinionated, controlling, slow to anger but can become furious, resentful, possessive, overindulgent, jealous, overly self-conscious.
Ideal Careers: banking, modeling, music, egineering, artist, singer, chef, or actor/actress.
Likes: stability, being attracted, natural things, time to ponder, comfort and pleasure.
Dislikes: disruption, being pushed too hard, synthetic things, being rushed.

Now I want to compare this to his role in the Twilight movie as famous Edward Cullen. Edward was born June 20th, 1901, and therefore is a Gemini. Let's take a look at his traits, shall we?
Good: active, adaptable, articulate, inquisitve, intellectual, charming, multitasking, nimble, enterataining, upbeat, straight-forward, social, talkative, open-minded, experimental, playful, adventurous, spontaneous, youthful, clever, imaginative.
Bad: dualistic, self-interested, restless, impulsive, over-talkative, inconsistent, vain, critical, too playful, boastful, devious, superficial, tempermental, insensitive, too curious.
Each of their traits describe them fairly well, wouldn't you say? As for being alike - not so much. I suppose both are relatively friendly, humorous, and intelligent. And good looking.

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Anonymous said...

Blues...Jazz....Swing....Big Band...
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Madelene said...

couldn't agree with you more. They are both sooo good looking and smart. Although........ Robert isn't half as hot as Taylor Lautner!!;-) (Jacob Black):-) go twilight!!

Madelene said...

geeeeee..... u would think that people would put funnie twilight vids on a twilight computer. Go to my website at www.elviraslethalawakening.webs.com to see funny vids. You have to scroll all da way down and look at the left side. Click on the VIDIO section.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE robert! im a capricorn and when i looked it up on this site, capricorn and taurus make the perfect cupple! ahhhhh! im so sad ill never get to meet him! :'(