Thursday, June 26, 2008

Robert Pattinson Can SING

Yes, I realize this isn't strictly Twilight-related, but...w-o-w. When I first saw this I admit that I had to question this really Robert Pattinson? Shy, mumbling Spunk Ransom? I'm pretty darn sure it is, and boy does this guy have TALENT. We already knew he was an incredible actor, but an incredible musician and singer, too?

Alright, so I've seen so many people shooting his singing down that I just have to voice my own opinion. For one thing, people say he sounds drunk. You know what? He very well could be. But I don't really think so. It's a style. People were also saying how his voice cracks. As answer to that: it is a live preformance. They'd smooth it out if it were on a CD. And then there's his whole 'shouting' thing that people were complaining about. Personally, sometimes it got to where I would cringe a little, but that was definitely because of poor video and mike quality. Yeah, his voice was a little off tune or high on occasions, and it's certainly not my style or the 'popular' style, but that doesn't mean the talent can't be appreciated. You know what makes me love this? I can tell he's completely immersed in the song and singing from the bottom of his heart. Not only does Rob have spunk, he's got soul.

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Sierra Michelle said...

I totally agree. When I saw this video of Rob, I was blown away my his spirit and soul. I couldn't believe that it was him. Quite frankly, I think I'm in love with his spirit. I watched this video numerous times and everytime I feel like "Wow. He is so incredible." I feel almost embarrased that for about two or three days I 've been almost non stop researching about him. (Smirk). I feel shy when I talk about him (laugh) and I can't get over how appealing he is to me. I have a new ambition to possibly meet him one day... just to feel his spirit.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but he is TONEDEAF. Unique does NOT mean good. Edward mumbles when he sings and he's terribly offkey. My sisters are HUGE Twilight fans and so are all their friends (obsessive really) but they all say he cannot sing worth a flip. It is TERRIBLE and those who think it is good must be tonedeaf as well. (Tonedeaf people cannot hear singing correctly and tend to think others who are tonedeaf sound AMAZING) Go sing and check if you too are a tonedeaf. It's a common condition. Ask others around you who listen.

No Twilight fan, no matter how big, can actually think this is talent...if they aren't tonedeaf.

Anonymous said...

oh and alot of American Idol contestants who get turned away sing from their soul too..but it doesnt make it talent regardless.

Anonymous said...

anyone can yell at mumble. this isnt anything special.