Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kristastic Quotes

If Robert has some great quotes, then Kristen Stewart must, too! Let's take a look at them. WARNING: sarcastic humor and down-to-earthiness may be present.
"['Twilight'] deals with the universe, and what life is about. You can make that cliché and bull*crap* and make it with everything being on the surface, [or] in this case make it a pretty triumphant love story."
"I don't want to make movies for kids, and I don't want to make movies for adults either."
(on Bella Swan) "People like her, oddly enough, and she has no idea why. Then she falls in love with a vampire. What I like about it is that the characters are really unique."
(on wearing PJ's while filming Panic Room) "Wearing pajamas for four months was weird, but very comfortable."
(on her love for acting) "I love it because I love to tell stories. I like being in movies that have a great story. I'm not so interested in being a Hollywood star. It's a job, you know. When you wake up at six in the morning every day for a week, it feels like hard work."
(on pursuing an acting career) "I'd like to. But that's definitely not all I want to do. It's not the most intellectually stimulating thing that you can possibly do. I want to go to college. I'm going to take four years off. I don't want to miss that. I want to be a writer. I think that'd be awesome."
(on Catch that Kid) "I think it shows that if you have a best friend, you help them no matter what happens. I think kids can relate to that."


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