Sunday, June 29, 2008

Edward Cullen an Idiot?

This tremendously controversial question was asked by Twilight Lexicon: Was Edward an idiot to leave Bella in NM? Or was it justified? Was this noble of him, or arrogant, or selfish, or stupid, or just tragically mistaken? If you think it was wrong of him (rather than just a terrible mistake), can you forgive him?
Oh boy. Talk about intense discussion on that one (I had to read people's comments as always). My turn!
Edward was not being an idiot. When someone is quote, unquote idiotic, I take it to mean that he or she wasn't thinking when they made that decision. And because facts make the world go 'round: id-i-o-tic - adjective - senselessly foolish or stupid. Yeah, so we all get the picture right? Well I think Edward definitely did not make a snap decision because you could tell he was contemplating the consequences of staying with Bella from the very start, especially near the end of Twilight. It was all those dangers that Bella kept encountering because of his existence that sent him to make a decision to leave. It was obvious how much he thought it through beforehand, which means he WAS NOT an idiot.
Many people said he was being selfish/arrogant when he left. I can tell where people are coming from - he refused to work it out with Bella, he was the one to make the decision, he didn't think that Bella loved him as much as he loved her, yadda yadda yadda. True, those are all true, but I think you have to look beyond that. All of his notions and choices orginated from one central belief: he was unsafe for Bella. He believed with all of his heart that Bella deserved so much better than him and that with him around he was going to eventually end Bella's life one way or another. This tortured him to no end, causing him to think that his decision was the only right way - and that is where people get the idea that he was being selfish. No, he wasn't. He was doing this because he thought he knew what was right for Bella, and that was his only motivation. He knew how much it was going to hurt him, but he didn't even take that into consideration. He was making all his decisions based on the fact that he was endangering Bella, and therefore is actions weren't as arrogant as they appeared to some people.
OF COURSE leaving was a mistake. It was the most tragic mistake Edward could make in all of his 107 years. BUT, it wasn't unjustified. People will go to any length to do what they believe is going to be best for the one they love, and Edward's choice wasn't any different. Yes, he was wrong. Yes, he hurt Bella. But think about it - if he'd known the outcome of his departure, he would NEVER have done it. He just didn't realize the full extent of Bella's love for him because he couldn't see it. He couldn't read it in her mind and so he had to rely on the minds of others, others who were not like Bella.
Edward, you made a huge mistake back there in New Moon. It was drastic and obstinate, but I understand your reasoning and I forgive you. Just...don't do it again, alright buddy?

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