Sunday, June 15, 2008

Breaking Dawn: The Who, Where, What Questions

I saw this question on the site Twilight Series Theories: Who will bite Bella? Where do you think Bella will be bitten (on her body)? And, what will be Bella’s Super ‘Powah’ when she is changed? It's an intriguing series of questions that I just had to answer. There were some good responses and predictions. Here's mine.
Knowing Stephenie Meyer, I think the question of who will bite Bella will be a surprise. Maybe, I'm wrong. My hope is that it's Edward. There's nothing more romantic than taking a bite out of your loved one to make her immortal, right? But I think that anticipation might not be fulfilled. Something tragic might happen and then someone else, maybe Rosalie or the Vulturi, will have to bite her. Or something. I don't know!
Where will Bella be bitten? I have to admit, that question has never crossed my mind until now, but it's an interesting one. On the neck? On her arm? On the face? (Not likely.) Though the neck is very cliched, I think that's where Bella will be bitten. It's the most melodramatic.
Bella's Vampire Power! Or her Super 'Powah', to use Twilight Series Theories' lingo. I saw quite a few cool theories for this question: she'll be able to resist blood, she'll be able to block out all vampire powers, she can sense danger, and the list goes on. Gah, it's such a difficult question to answer! I hope Meyer will surprise us again on this one. But I think maybe, just maybe, since her mind is impenetrable, she will be able to do something wicked, like use her mind to bend vampires' powers against them. Or something. Or she'll be able to stop bad vampires from tracking innocent humans. Or something. The possibilities are endless! It just makes the wait for Breaking Dawn even more agonizing.
And here's another thing to think about. What if Bella actually doesn't end up becoming a vampire at all? What if these incessant questions are futile? For nothing? Maybe Jacob Black, being the annoying dog he is (no offense to Team Jacob), will jump through the doors at he wedding and cause mayhem, cancelling the wedding. Then Bella chickens out. Then Edward doesn't bite her. Or just when Edward's lips are about to touch the hollow at Bella's throat, Jacob will jump through the window in wolf form and throw Edward off her. Then they brawl. Then Bella chickens out. Or something like that, you know?! Aghhhh, August 2nd better come before I ERUPT!
Oh, and sorry for my rambling. Anything Twilight-related seems to have that effect on me, where I can't shut up until every thought is out of my head and onto something substantial. I think others can relate.

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