Sunday, June 22, 2008

Breaking Dawn: Death Sentence

Twilight Series Theories (a great site by the way, you should visit it sometime. After visiting mine, of course) had another irresistible question of the week: What character in the Twilight Series do you think will die in Breaking Dawn? And, how do you think that death will play out in the story?
Ahhh. I don't want ANYONE to die! But, seeing as casualties play a huge role in books and Breaking Dawn is indeed a book, someone has to push daisies. The stabbing question is who? Who?
Being one who likes to read, I of course had to take a peek at the many responses to this question. Countless people said Rosalie, Alice, or Jacob because they end up saving another in an unlikely way, and well, it doesn't end too well. To be honest, that surprised me. I never imagined that Stephenie would kill off any of those major characters. And I still don't beleive that she will. Live on Rosalie, Alice, and Jacob! Although, who knows...?
Anyway, I can name several people who have to die. The Volturi. Jane in particular. I think she will do something to Bella (ooh, ooh, maybe BITE her!) and then Edward will kill her. Or maybe someone less likely, perhaps Rosalie or Jasper, will do the honors. But either way, Jane is going down.
As for deaths beside the obvious, maybe a more minor character. Sam, for instance. As others said, I think Jacob might take his place as leader of the pack. Charlie is another strong and depressing possibility. The Volturi might kill him (they're just so darn evil) and then that will trigger Bella to be certain about her path as a vampire. After all, she was very worried about leaving her father, and if he's dead, then that's one less person.
There are so many characters, any of which would be tearful to lose. I'm sure I will be surprised by who Stephenie Meyer decides to let live and who she hits the 'delete' button for, but that's the reason guessing is so much fun!

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