Monday, January 11, 2010


I think I'm officially over Twilight.

*crickets chirp*


I don't know. I mean, all obsessions have to wane eventually, right? I can't love Twilight forever. In fact, I'm getting kind of sick of it. And that's not because of the story or the characters or Stephenie Meyer. Truly, I think the story is a lovely one. But after being in AP English classes and analyzing classic, GOOD, literature, I certainly have matured in my tastes. It was a great tale to read for the sake of immersing myself in a cool little world, but it wasn't really original or clever or mind-bending or intense or thought-provoking. I think I basically fell in love with it because I was immature and a sparkly, chivalrous vampire made my silly little heart go SQUEE. That's about it.
The real reason I've grown tired of it, however, is not because it's a shallow story. I mean, hell, shallow stories are totally fun to read. No, it's because of all the people who are acting like this shallow story is the GREATEST THING SINCE HULA HOOPS. Honestly, I kind of want to tell everyone to grow up a bit, as bitter and mean as that sounds. At the PCA's, Taylor Lautner stole an award for "favorite breakout movie actor" from those like Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Sam Worthington - people who deserved it. He only won it because millions of fangirls were like "ZOMG ABS~!" I was disappointed. The PCA's are nothing special, I know this, but, come on people. Just because Lautner plays a werewolf that you're all fawning over doesn't mean he's an impressive actor. He really isn't. There's walking across the screen like you're hot shit, and then there's successfully portraying the modern, yet still charming reinventions of two of the most famous characters on TV. I'll take the modern and charming ones, thanks. Here, howsabout I make a stupid analogy for what I'm trying to get across: Just because I'm obsessed with chocolate, doesn't mean I'll always choose that over something that is healthy and good for my body. If you didn't already guess, Twilight is the chocolate. It doesn't rule above everything. It's sweet, sure, but when you shake that haze from your mind and take the time to inspect it, what's so great about it? It doesn't do anything for you, other than rot your teeth and give you an ugly sugar high. ;P
The Twilight Saga is nothing more than a collection of momentarily satsifying reads. I've realized that now. They are fun, they are hopeful, they make one smile. But once that wears off, what do you have left? Frankly, nothing. I can ask you what is truly so grand about Twilight that makes it the best thing in the world. You can answer with things like "it's just such a wonderful, romantic story!" and "it gives people something smile about!" and "we get to read about a boy we all wish we had!" Sure, okay. I get it. I had those very same answers. But what's the use of clinging on to those answers as if they mean life or death? Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit...but when I think about it again, I'm really not. People are OBSESSED. And I don't get it anymore. I don't get why there are so many people that can't look past it anymore. It's just a silly story! x)
Robert Pattinson isn't a mind-blowing actor. Kristen Stewart isn't a mind-blowing actress. Taylor Lautner's abs may resemble the Grand Canyon, but he's just a kid. Edward Cullen may be a gentlemen, but he also creeps around Bella's room and watches her sleep while he imagines the things that he can do to her, both romantic and, well, OMNOMNOM. Bella may have the strength to put mystical creatures before her own wellfare, but she is just a hormonal teenager who lives in her own bitter fantasy world. These people, these characters, have no real depth to them, and while we can fleetingly love them and relate to them, they aren't memborable for their characters. They're memorable for the fact that they sparkle, stop speeding vans with their bare hands, and say sarcastic things to douches like Mike Newton. I loved it, I did, but I'm over it now. :)
Just something to think about.
If you want something intruiging to read, I've recently fallen in love with Alice Hoffman. She's a genuinely superb writer, and her stories always leave you pondering. Also, I'm reading Invisible Man for school, and it's actually a very interesting book. It's a tale of racism and it's full of fascinating themes and symbolism. Coolstuff, fur shure.
I'm sorry if I offended any of you wonderful people. I know you are all amazing individuals, intelligent, kind, supercool, and I mean that. I know this outburst happened as suddenly as a goshdarn bomb, for just a few weeks ago I was all like "I'm going to continue this blog, don't worry peeps, I still like Twilight!" Well, I gave it some more thought, and I realized that I was trying to hang on to something that meant nothing to me. I don't care if you guys are Twilighters, Twihards, Edworshippers, whatever you want to call yourselves, and I don't care if you continue to obsess over Twilight for years to come. I just wanted to let you know that I've completely and utterly moved onward and am pursuing other obsessions. ;D Maybe I want to try to tell you that Twilight isn't as great as all these fangirls make it out to be and that it doesn't deserve screams that make peoples' ears bleed. I'm not sure. Maybe I'm just being a bitch. That is also a possibility.
I'm not continuing this blog. And if I do, then it will be about other things. I hope you guys don't hate me, because I certainly don't hate you. And I don't hate Twilight. I still see it as a cool story, but nothing more. I don't think I was ever actually obsessed with it, I just enjoyed sharing something fun and squee-worthy with others, and I enjoyed Edweird - I mean Edward, because I'm a boy-crazy, bat-crazy teenage girl. But now that it's blown up into this giant, annoying THING that has people acting like idiots and ignoring the more crucial and meaningful things of the world, I've come to accept that I'm past it. I'm above it. I know that sounds highly elitist, but when there is literature and film out there that is relevant to our ever-changing, ever-problematic world, I'm going to choose that. I know it sounds melodramatic, but it's how I honestly feel.
So, Stephenie Meyer, I hope you enjoyed the love that I gave you for that one foolish tick in my hopefully long and knowledge-filled life, but I am now off to bigger and better things. Don't worry, though. You have a gazillion dollars and a gazillion fans and you didn't even have to go to college for it. ;)

The girl formerly known as Twilighter.

Ha. I love being dramatic.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and all that Jazz!

Maybe Santa will grant Taylor's wish this year, yeah? ;D
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, no matter what you celebrate, or even if you aren't celebrating anything other than life!
You guys want to know what's on my Christmas list? After all, I have been an absolute angel this year...

Dear Santa,

I know you must be mighty busy this time of year, but you know us Americans. We're greedy little buggers. Therefore, I would like to ask you for a few things:

and, last but not least,

I hope that is not too much to ask.

Thank you for your time, Mr. Claus.



(1. Aladdin's magic carpet 2. Dustfinger, not Gwin 3. Starship Enterprise, baby 4. Hatter from Syfy's Alice, played by Andrew Lee Potts, and his amazing hat 5. UmyesZacharyQuintoplease!)

Monday, December 21, 2009

I Must Digress... tell you to go see Avatar.


For reals, go see it.



It's an amazing movie. And when I say amazing, I mean that it literally amazes you. It puts you under an enchantment and doesn't let you go until the very end. And even then you're reluctant to leave.

So stop wasting time in front of the blasted computer screen and go sit in front of a giant movie screen and do something meaningful!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Now THAT'S a Meadow Scene

I'm sure you've all seen this and I'm sure you guys are going to be scoffing at me and saying, "she is SO out of the loop!" but I know you all want to see it again. Because it's kind of beautiful. And if ever I have to use an adjective like "dazzling" it is here and now:

Click it to make it eat your entire screen and make your vision go sparkly.

I like this picture for about three billion eight-hundred and fifty-two reasons, but I'll just name a few...
1. It actually looks like a gorgeous, peaceful meadow and not, say, a golf course.
2. Edward looks pretty sexy. And, oh wow, he's wearing normal boyish clothes and a normal non-poofy hairstyle - he actually looks like the teenager that he's supposed to be. ;)
3. They're making - *gasp* - PHYSICAL CONTACT. Are we finally touching first base here? I think so. Go, Edward, go!
4. All the colors are matching and it makes me smile. =D

Oh, and I find it wonderfully amusing that when I mentioned Zachary Quinto in my last post, people started immediately commenting. 8D But seriously, the man has been consuming my every thought as of late. Creating a blog for him would be really fun. I need somewhere to gush about him and not seem insane. Though I might seem a little insane, regardless.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Hi, There

It's safe to say that my Twilight obsession has dramatically ebbed since I began this silly little blog thing.
It's also safe to say that my life has bumped up a few hundred notches on the stress-o-meter since I started this silly little blog thing.
But don't worry, guys! I don't like to give things up easily. ;) I'm not going to abandon this blog, even though it may seem that way (oops), and I still do like Twilight, even if I can't really call myself a die-hard Twilighter anymore.
Once I make my way to the calm eye of the storm - the storm that I'm referring to would consist of senior year, four AP classes, and college applications - I promise I will put some darn updates on this thing and get my groove back on... oh, what am I talking about? I never had a groove. BUT I will start writing here again, fur shure. In fact, winter break is but a few weeks away, and I plan to spend those two weeks pretending that school doesn't exist. That will be a perfect time to get back to the Twiblogging, or whatever the heck you call this. It seems like you can put Twi in front of anything nowadays. =P
My lack of recent commitment to the blog may also be due to the fact that I've found a new thing to obsess over. And by thing, I mean actor/man/god.
His name is Zachary Quinto and I have to confess that I'm kind of insanely in love with him.
I mean, why do celebrities do this to us? They charm the flippin' pants off of us and make us average citizens forget that we will probably never see them in the flesh and never have a nice conversation with them. Robert Pattinson did the same to me, the tease. Although I have to admit that Mr. Quinto is about, um, a million times more amazing. I know, I know. It's craziness. But I have indeed discovered an actor more intriguing, charming, witty, sexy, kind, and intelligent than our dear Edward Cullen incarnate.
Really, you guys. I encourage you to join me in falling hardcore in love with Zachary Quinto. Although, if you're still super attached to Twilight, you may be in danger of having it knocked right out from the center of your heart and quickly replaced.
And if you're looking for a good movie, try 2009's Star Trek. Okay, I can totally see the scrunched up expression that I know is plastered on your face after I just said that. I don't care if you've never seen an episode of Star Trek in your life. I don't care if you'd rather jump off a cliff than call yourself a Trekkie, or whatevertheheck. It was the same way for me. But I saw the Star Trek movie and I loved it. It's really great, everything about it. The story, the characters, the graphics. It was in this movie that I first discovered Zachary Quinto, too. ;) I went in to the theater thinking I would fall in love with Chris Pine (he plays Captain Kirk) because my goodness, that man is a cutie piece of pie, but I left the theater obsessing over an alien with a funny haircut and pointy ears. Only someone like Zachary could make someone like that appear strangely hot.
AAAAAND, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince comes out on DVD soon~! I believe soon means December 8th. Yay for the holidays, am I right? I thought that movie was SUPERAMAZING, even though I avoid the Harry Potter books like the plague and cringe whenever I hear the word "wizard." That movie blew me away - it was by the far the best of the series. It was so mysterious and artfully composed and beautiful and intense and HI-larious.
OH, and one last thing (whenever I say that, it ends up being more like the fifth to last thing, but whatevaaahhh). I plan on writing a New Moon review very soon. But perhaps we should replace the word "review" with "rave" because I really liked that movie. It was very well done and I had extremely little to complain about. I'm not terribly fond of Taylor Lautner, but he made a fantastic Jacob. Heck, he made Jacob Pain-In-The-Tail Black likeable. And of course, Robert was a sexy, smoldering, melancholy Edward as always. And Kristen was...well, she was Bella. We'll just leave it at that. 8)
Well, this is coming out a bit bulkier than I originally intended. I guess I had a lot to say to the invisible faces of the internet. How about I close thing off, yeah?
TGIFF! (Thank God It's Friday, FOOLS!) :*

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Don't Even Know What to Title This...






It was so much better than Twilight, in my opinion. While Twilight did have a certain charm, there were quite a few parts that just made me cringe, and cringing is not exactly a great response to have during a film. New Moon, however, was so smooth and visually pleasing and emotional and intense and yet it still maintained the charm, humor, and artsiness of the first one. I was smiling the whole time. Even through the sad parts, when I was frowning, I was secretly smiling, because everything was pretty much perfect. I don't even have any major complaints...nope, can't think of any. I loved it. Loved it, loved it, adored it, loved it. Thank you Chris Weitz for creating something so awesome and worthy of the title New Moon. Can't wait to see it again! Eeeee! I might post a review/rave/thing about it sometime in the near future. I can't promise one, but I'll try. =)

Monday, September 14, 2009


*drum roll*
*build up of tension*
*dramatic pause*
*deep breath*

Best trailer ever?
I think so. ;D

Friday, September 11, 2009


OMVDETA for short.
This isn't the best quality. Edit: I found a much better version!
But ooooooooooooh my goodness gracious.

*squeal* (you knew it was coming)
*breathe...kind of*

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Don't Look at Me, I'm Bothered!"

Hahahahaha I kind of adore this guy.
His brooding looks are almost as dazzling as Robert's. xD

Monday, August 31, 2009

Werewolf Action!

Curious about Eclipse?
You should be, because supposedly the cast is in to their third week of filming for movie number three.
David Slade, the new director behind the action-packed awesomeness of Eclipse, has given us a couple of abstract peeks into what it will be like:

We have show-off Jacob and "You won't like me when I'm angry" Jacob. Yep, that pretty much sums him up. ;D
And David Slade seems like a cool director. All three of the bosses behind this Twilight franchise have been incredibly different, but I think David Slade may be the one who will really have us waiting with our eyebrows raised in skepticism and anticipation. So far he's been quite mysterious. I like it.